The more we learn from research about the science of learning, the more we value the arts. As an expression of our imagination, as an outlet for our creativity, as an opportunity to perfect a skill or a performance, the arts represent an integral part of a young person’s growth and education. Through music, drama, art and dance, students appreciate the connections that arts have forged across communities and across human experiences.

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    High School students with Phil Kaye and Sarah Kay - Project V.O.I.C.E. Sarah Kay at the Middle School. A couple of brave volunteers spoke their own poetry in front of Phil and Sarah and the whole Middle School.

    For the past two days Canterbury has had two special guests on campus, and they have made quite an impression on students and faculty alike. Nationally acclaimed poets Sarah Kaye and Phil Kay from Project V.O.I.C.E. spent the two days inspiring everyone through their poetry, question and answer sessions and Spoken Word workshops.

    The English Department was able to bring Project V.O.I.C.E. here due to the Special Focus funds for Reading and Writing at Canterbury, that were raised during the 2014 Laughing Cavalier. Thank you, again, to everyone who donated and made this incredible experience possible for the faculty and students in grades 2-12.

    Project V.O.I.C.E. (Vocal Outreach Into Creative Expression) is based on three founding principles - entertainment, education and inspiration. The presenters focus on literacy, creative writing, public speaking, poetry, storytelling, performing arts, youth empowerment and collaborative learning.

    Students received a lot of advice about brainstorming and creating stronger, more visual writing, whether it be for a poem, an essay or for a presentation. Sarah and Phil said it is important to capture those "Aha" or "Uh" moments jotting down key words in a notebook or even texting them to yourself throughout the day. (They were jotting notes about what students and faculty said that inspired them during the workshops.) Then when you go back to brainstorm about writing, you have a bread trail of anecdotes from which to select. Students also learned the difference between abstract concepts and sensory details. They practiced using their five senses to write more descriptively and to give more power to their words, especially the spoken word.

    Phil and Sarah put the faculty to work during their Project V.O.I.C.E Spoken Word session. In this professional development opportunity, the teachers learned additional ways to use Spoken Word in their different fields of study and how to promote student creativity and buy-in for using the Spoken Word skills. The teachers did some of the same brainstorming, writing and performance exercises that the students experienced in their workshops.

    To learn more about Project V.O.I.C.E. and its poets, visit

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  • Two selected to All Region Band

    Canterbury High School freshmen Catie Galbraith and Lauren Wayman were selected to be a part of the Indiana Bandmasters Association All Region Band, which takes place November 23 at DeKalb High School. Both play the clarinet. This is an ensemble comprised of more than 100 young musicians from across the region.


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The Fine Arts faculty are dedicated to expanding each student's creative talents. The faculty each bring their own expertise into the classroom because they are all practicing musicians, artists and actors outside the classroom. 

Arts are built into the curriculum from Early Childhood through High School. Students have the opportunity to experience drama, choir, musical instruments, speech, chess, photography, computer art, computer musical composition, orchestra, band, dance and much more during the school day.

Theater productions, strings and band performances, choral concerts, ISSMA competitions, chess tournaments and speech meets are just a few of the extracurricular activities available for students who want to spend even more time in the area of the arts.

Goals include making sure students have experiences in the arts that affect awareness at various levels of abilities and interests, develop individual artistic talents, maintain and develop artistic abilities, study history of the arts, have an opportunity to experience technololgy as a tool in enhancing creative expression, develop aesthetic awareness and critical analysis skills, achieve physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth through a balance of classroom experiences and participation in performances or exhibitions, and to develop an appreciation of the arts as an enriching dimension to life experiences.