The more we learn from research about the science of learning, the more we value the arts. As an expression of our imagination, as an outlet for our creativity, as an opportunity to perfect a skill or a performance, the arts represent an integral part of a young person’s growth and education. Through music, drama, art and dance, students appreciate the connections that arts have forged across communities and across human experiences.

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    Venue for the Pop Up Art Show Audience wrote adjectives for the event and stuck them to the window. The Art Show took place in this space and the building next door.

    "This Event was: ARTSY" read one of the stickers on the window outside the Canton Laundry, located on Broadway in downtown Fort Wayne. Yes, it was artsy. And hip. And entertaining. And inspiring.

    Canterbury artists - students and faculty - were featured all weekend during a "Pop Up Art Show." The space at the Canton Laundry - 19th century industrial building was the perfect place to house both an art gallery and performances. Special thanks to ARCH, Inc. for providing such a unique space to showcase a lot of talent. The venue was a wonderful opportunity for students who are working on their own groups or solo acts to develop a set for the Pop Up Show. The crowd inside the Canton Laundry was steady and continually changed as different artists performed. People from the community wandered in as they explored downtown during the West Central Home Tour.

    "For some of these musicians it was the first time they were performing non-school related music in front of an audiece, in a very intimate setting. The audience was just a couple feet away," said Janet Galbraith, MS/HS band teacher and Pop Up Show organizer. "Preparing for something like this takes a lot of self-driven practice on the students' own time. It stretches their creativity and talents, helping the students grow as artists." Mrs. Galbraith also likes the Pop Up Show format because it takes the students out of their comfort zone. "Taking a risk like this builds confidence and self esteem."

    Colleen Tan, LS/MS/HS strings/orchestra teacher agrees. "Students were able to observe faculty art and listen to faculty performances as a reference point for their own work," she said. "At the same time, they were surrounded by art from their peers and mentally were preparing themselves for their own expressive performances for the day."

    In addition to the music and art, drama students participated in an improvisation experience in front of a non-peer audience. Improv games included Dubbing, Freeze Tag and the Expert Game. In this type of format students learn innovation, collaboration, listening and living in the moment.

    "I was tickled to see so many students taking creative risks. It was great to see other students and adults watch them take these risks. If we do something like this again, I think we will have even greater participation because the students who performed over the weekend may have inspired others to perform," said Ranae Butler, Fine Arts Department chair and MS/HS drama teacher.

    Click on the video screen below to see the playlist of performers. The whole playlist is 6 minutes.


    Click the Read More Link below to view the Photo Gallery which includes artwork.

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    Canterbury Fine Arts students and faculty will be featured at a Pop Up Art Show at the Canton Laundry, September 6 and 7, from 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. as part of the “Also Open” activities surrounding the West Central Home Tour. The Canton Laundry is located at 1014 and 1016 Broadway (between Washington and Jefferson Blvd., Fort Wayne) in two 19th century industrial buildings, the perfect backdrop for art galleries and live performances.

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The Fine Arts faculty are dedicated to expanding each student's creative talents. The faculty each bring their own expertise into the classroom because they are all practicing musicians, artists and actors outside the classroom. 

Arts are built into the curriculum from Early Childhood through High School. Students have the opportunity to experience drama, choir, musical instruments, speech, chess, photography, computer art, computer musical composition, orchestra, band, dance and much more during the school day.

Theater productions, strings and band performances, choral concerts, ISSMA competitions, chess tournaments and speech meets are just a few of the extracurricular activities available for students who want to spend even more time in the area of the arts.

Goals include making sure students have experiences in the arts that affect awareness at various levels of abilities and interests, develop individual artistic talents, maintain and develop artistic abilities, study history of the arts, have an opportunity to experience technololgy as a tool in enhancing creative expression, develop aesthetic awareness and critical analysis skills, achieve physical, social, emotional and intellectual growth through a balance of classroom experiences and participation in performances or exhibitions, and to develop an appreciation of the arts as an enriching dimension to life experiences.