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Music adds dimension to social studies class

Music is one of those great equalizers that can really bring a history lesson to life. Mr. Westfall, social studies teacher, and Mrs. Tan, orchestra teacher, planned a cross over Americana Unit for the seventh grade. Some of the string students learned a few pieces of music relevant to the times being studied in social studies. The teachers then helped students make connections about the time period, travel, instruments and lyrics.

Spring Concert - April 18

The High School choirs, band and orchestra have a wonderful concert planned for tonight. The concert is free and begins at 7 p.m. in Summers Auditorium.

The Choirs will be performing many popular selections including 21 Guns from Green Day's American Idiot, featuring soloists and the broadway arrangement. Seniors will be featured on two fun Michael Buble hits - Everything and Just Haven't Met You Yet. The choir students have been working on French diction in an active and adventurous version of Alouette.

The HS Orchestra will be performing exciting music from Tchaikovsky, Telemann and Vivaldi. The students have prepared a musical sampling of Telemann's Don Quixote Suite, based on the Cervantes novel of the knight-errant. Cello soloists John Sarno, Ricky Lou, Moira Halbauer, and Maria Teel will be featured in the Vivaldi Concerto for Four Cellos and the orchestra will present Tchaikovsky's dramatic Marche Slav.

The Concert Band performance list includes Celtic Farewell which features a beautiful contemplative theme in the flute, and then goes on to a stately solo in the alto saxophone. Themes from Green Bushes is part of the classic band repertoire and is a stunning arrangement by Percy Grainger. Catch Me If You Can by John Williams captures the spy character that serves the storyline of the film. This is intricate and complicated work features Jon Long on alto saxophone as the protagonist in this game of cat and mouse, supported by Carrie Jia on piano and Sam Bellavance on bass. Chick Corea's Spain will close out the concert. Our two soloists for the evening are Sam Bellavance (bass) and Eric Diaz (tenor saxophone).

Cast of characters roars on stage

The Lion King JR musical has a little bit of everything - comedic one liners, a villain, a hero and a love story. The Lion King JR debuts with dancing and singing lions, hyenas, birds, zebras and a whole herd of animals in the pride lands. Students will give a sneak preview performance for grandparents on March 15 at 4:15 p.m. On Friday and Saturday, March 17 and 18, the cast and crew are set for their public performances at 7 p.m. in the Middle School Auditorium. Tickets are $10/Adults and $5/Students. The musical is under the direction of Beth Patterson.

Canterbury students in Group I who received Gold at the District competition advanced on to the State ISSMA event. Canterbury students brought home Golds for two string solos, a trio and ensemble members. Vocal and piano students earned nine Golds and one Silver for solos and Golds for the ensemble members. Following are the complete results:

State ISSMA Middle School - Gold Awards - Strings

Violin Solo: Jessica Zhou

State ISSMA High School Gold Awards - Strings

Cello Solo: Maria Teel

String Trio: Sara Diem - violin, Sophia Slates - violin, Moira Holbauer - cello

Canterbury Camerata: Jelena Nguyen - Violin, Sara Diem - Violin, Sophia Slates - Violin, Victor Pacheco - Violin, Sean Walulik - Violin, McKenna Tuggle - Viola, Raul Flores Cruz - Viola, Maria Teel - Cello, Jay Groninger - Cello, Andrew Dixon - Bass

State ISSMA - Middle School - Vocal and Piano

Piano Solo - Jessica Zhou - Gold

Vocal Solo- Sophia Barton - Silver

Vocal Solo - Ahnay Hering - Gold

State ISSMA - High School - Gold Awards - Vocal and Piano

Piano Solo - Lauren Jiwon Kim

Vocal Solo - Rebecca Bormann

Vocal Solo - Aaliyah Eastom

Vocal Solo - Teddie LloydBuckley

Vocal Solo - Mitchell Railsback

Vocal Solo - Sangeeta Reddy

Cocal Solo - Sophia Slates

Vocal Ensemble - Rebecca Bormann, Aaliyah Eastom, Sangeeta Reddy, Sophia Slates

Canterbury Middle and High School students spent extra time preparing for competition at the district level of ISSMA for vocal, piano and instruments. Students who competed in Group I who received Gold advanced to the state competition. Following are the district awards:

ISSMA Vocal and Piano competition district results (Vocalists under the direction of Ms. Patterson)

High School Results

Voice, Group I Gold

  • Rebecca Bormann
  • Aaliyah Eastom
  • Teddie LloydBuckley
  • Mitchell Railsback
  • Sangeeta Reddy
  • Sophia Slates

Voice, Group I Silver

  • Caitlin Diamente
  • KatieBeth Hollman
  • Ally Krotov
  • Meghana Nalamolu
  • Susy Watson

Vocal Ensemble, Group IGold

  • Bormann Ensemble: Rebecca Bormann, Aaliyah Eastom, Sangeeta Reddy, Sophia Slates

Piano Solo, Group I Gold

  • Lauren Jiwon Kim

Piano Solo, Group I Silver

  • Sophia Slates

Piano Solo, Group II Gold

  • Joel Groninger
  • Meghana Nalamolu

Piano Solo, Group II Silver

  • Sean Walulik

Middle School Results

Voice, Group I Gold

  • Sophia Barton
  • Ahnay Hering

Voice, Group I Silver

  • Lena Alt
  • Maile Smits
  • Leah Marquell
  • Maria Sunderhaus

Voice, Group II Gold

  • Lauren Hadland

Voice, Group III Gold

  • Olivia Roussel
  • Abby Westropp

Voice, Group III Silver

  • Mahri Romano

Voice, Group IVGold

  • Kylin Barr

Voice, Group V Gold

  • Sean Diamente
  • Elizabeth Furman
  • Maeren Jellison
  • Alex Sittler

Vocal Ensemble, Group V Silver

  • Coker Ensemble: Camille Coker, Sophie Diwis, Jillian Forth, Maeren Jellison

Piano, Group I Gold

  • Jessica Zhou

Piano, Group III Gold

  • Andre Habig
  • Quinn Saleik
  • Maya Surendran

Piano, Group IV Gold

  • Anya Ramrakhiani

Piano, Group V Gold

  • Sameera Apuri
  • Sean Diamente
  • Arjun Yarram

ISSMA - District Competition - (String students under direction of Mrs. Tan)

High School Results

Violin Solo I - Silver

  • Sophia Slates

Violin Solo II - Gold

  • Victor Pacheco

Cello Solo I- Gold

  • Maria Teel

Cello Solo – II - Gold

  • Shu Yi Chen

Diem Trio Group I - Gold

  • Sara Diehm, Sophia Slates, Moira Holbauer

Camerata Group I - Gold

  • Sara Diem, Lilly Peters, Jay Groninger, Andy Dixon, Peyton Huth, Gabby Hamilton, Elise Wellman, Jelena Nguyen, Maria Teel, Sophia Slates

Hobbs Trio Group II - Silver

  • Hailey Hobbs, Caitlin Diamente, Susannah Watson

Bartrom Trio Group II - Gold

  • Jeremiah Tsai, Sam Bartrom, Alex Bartrom

Walulik Quartet - Silver

  • Phoebe Toole, Allie Godfrey, Victor Pacheco, Sean Walulik

GOLD – Middle School

  • Anand, Kush - Viola Quartet IV
  • Anwar, Vonnia - Violin Quartet III
  • Apuri, Sameera - Violin Solo V
  • Babu, Alisha - String Quartet II
  • Babu, Alisha - Violin Solo
  • Babu, Niki - Cello Solo IV
  • Barr, Kylin - String Trio IV
  • Barr, Kylin - Viola Solo IV
  • Bogun, Timothy - Viola Quartet I
  • Campbell, Collin - Viola Solo III
  • Chen, Shirley - Violin Quartet III
  • Demarchis, Gabe - Violin Solo IV
  • Diamente, Sean - Viola Solo V
  • Habig, Andrew - String Trio IV
  • Kulkarni, Kiran - Violin Solo V
  • Limzerwala, Zoraiya - Violin Quartet III
  • Liu, Ysabella - String Trio IV
  • Mauch, Coleman - Viola Quartet
  • Patel, Shaan - String Quartet II
  • Patel, Shaan - Cello Solo II
  • Ramrakhiani, Anya - String Trio IV
  • Ramrakhiani, Anya - Violin Solo II
  • Roussel, Olivia - String Quartet II
  • Russell, Will - String Trio IV
  • Salerno, Anthony - String Trio IV
  • Sun, Edward - String Quartet II
  • Sun, Edward - Cello Solo I
  • Surendran, Maya - Violin Quartet III
  • Valcarcel, Lucas - Violin Solo II
  • Valluru, Annika - Violin Solo V
  • Yarram, Arjun - Violin Solo V
  • Zhou, Jessica - Violin Solo I

ISSMA - District Competition Results (Band students under direction of Mrs. Galbraith)

GOLD – High School

  • Nina Ijomanta - Clarinet Solo - Group III
  • Max Pasko -Trombone Solo - Group III
  • HS Brass Trio - Ryan Welbaum (trumpet), Max Pasko & Michael Irvine (trombones) - Group III

SILVER Middle School

  • Maddie Lichtsinn, Flute Solo - Group II
  • Lauren Hadland, Flute Solo - Group II

GOLD – Middle School

  • Carter Graefnitz - Trumpet Solo - Group III
  • Isaac Bailey - Clarinet Solo - Group III
  • Damola Olaiya - Alto Sax Solo - Group III
  • MS Brass Quintet - Carter Graefnitz & Carson Tanner, trumpets; Eric Boyd, french horn; Micah Holder, trombone; Alex Robles, tuba - Group III
  • Eric Boyd - French Horn solo - Group IV
  • Kyle Lawson - Alto Sax Solo - Group IV
  • Aishani Valluru - Alto Sax Solo - Group V
  • MS Woodwind Quartet - Lauren Hadland & Maddie Lichtsinn (flutes), Isaac Bailey (clarinet), Damola Olaiya (alto) - Group III
  • MS Woodwind Quintet - Miyako Semba-Norwalk & Daniel Liu, clarinets; Kyle Lawson & Katian Hornbostel, alto sax; Andrew Paparo, tenor sax - Group IV
  • 5th Grade Woodwind Trio - Hannah Hadland & Elizabeth Craig, flute; Sei Na Chappell, alto sax - Group V

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