K-12 Online Application

Applicants are encouraged to apply to Canterbury School early in the school year. When all application forms are received and a school visit and testing are complete, the admission committee will evaluate the materials and act upon the application. (Notification of the decision will be made after March 1 for Kindergarten applicants.) If the applicant is accepted, a contract will be sent and must be signed and returned with the required fees by the designated date. Once a grade is full, names of applicants for that grade are placed in a waiting pool. 

Occasionally, a grade may have openings during the school year. As they occur, these openings may be filled from the pool of qualified applicants.

Admission decisions are based on the school’s commitment to its stated mission of academic excellence, cultural and ethnic diversity, and the recognition of special talents.

All applicants will be notified of the school’s admission decision as soon as possible. Please send all forms and letters of recommendation to:

Admissions Office
Canterbury School
5601 Covington Road
Fort Wayne, IN 46804

Application for Admission (K-12)

Entering Grade
Entering Grade
Name of Applicant
Home Address
Family Information
Relationship to Student
Relationship to Student
More Family Info
Parents' Marital Status
Are you applying for financial aid?
OPTIONAL: Ethnicity

We would appreciate your providing the following optional information, which is collected for statistical and reporting purposes. Thank you.

Optional: Ethnic Information
School Information

Please list names of teachers you have asked to provide academic references. List two references if you are applying to Kindergarten-Grade 4. List current math, English and science teachers if applying to grades 5-12.

Has student visited Canterbury School in the past?
Has applicant applied to Canterbury School in the past?
How did you learn about Canterbury School? Check all that apply.
Please list any relatives who attend or have attended Canterbury School
This application is a statement of parental intent, not a contract. A formal contract must be signed after the applicant is accepted for admission. This application is not considered complete until the applicant has been tested and interviewed by the school. A non-refundable fee of $75 must be sent to the admission office for Kindergarten. A fee of $35 is required for grades 1-12.