Signature Programs

Kindergarten - Family Field Studies

Imagine your Kindergarten student performing laparoscopic surgery, preparing food in a restaurant, sitting in the jury box, checking out a hot rod under the hood, becoming a super house cleaner, or attending a rehearsal of the Fort Wayne Philharmonic. Family Field Studies allow all of these experiences and much more. Photos of the visits and the Language Experience stories written by the students about each trip become take-home booklets for families to share. Through Family Field Studies students develop a growing sense of the elements of our community, and practice all aspects of literacy development in the accounts of their exciting experiences.

Grade 1 – Books and Places- Magic Moments and Memories

In first grade students are immersed in a year-long adventure through literature and writing. They meet knights, castles and fairytales; national landmarks and the monuments of Washington D.C; the wonders of space and oceans. Virtual tours, guest speakers, research projects and simulated trips to far-away places all provide truly magical moments for first graders. Students develop literacy and communication skills, collaboration techniques and proficiency in technology applications.

Grade 2 – Journeys into Earth Care with Mrs. Frizzle

Utilizing the Magic School Bus book series, second grade students discover and explore the interconnectedness of people, animals and plants in our world. This year-long study raises student awareness about the valuable natural resources the Earth offers us. A goal of the program is to provide regular opportunities for students to spend outdoors. Native trees are studied and observed during field studies at Fox Island Nature Preserve and the Yoder Sugar Bush. Students apply what they are learning as they participate in the Canterbury Lower School Green Team. They will study our school’s use of resources and make recommendations to reduce our ecological impact and be sustainable. Students make monthly service announcements in chapel and help plan the April Earth Day celebration. As students “travel” with Mrs. Frizzle throughout the year, they build their capacity as stewards of the environment and become more considerate and conscious of their own impact on the world around them. This unit is designed to create a lifelong care and concern for the environment.

Grade 3 – Trip Around the World

A true adventure in geography awaits as third-grade students circle the globe, thanks to virtual tours, Skype, literature and research in Trip Around the World. From Ellis Island to Australia, England, Poland and beyond, the program brings together guest speakers, food, costumes and artifacts so that students can explore the physical, cultural and historical aspects of each region. While the children are developing a personal atlas and reflective journal and partnering with pen pals from other countries, they are furthering their communication and literacy skills. Trip Around the World opens doors and opens minds.

Grade 4 – Young Entrepreneurs

Through this intensive year-long applied math project, fourth graders become Young Entrepreneurs, learning all aspects of a business from product development to production, marketing and raising capital. Students hear from experts in the field, tour local businesses and complete the year with the fourth grade Marketplace, where they market and sell several of their products. The hands-on elements of the project expose students to the realities of taking a product to market, as they use technology, collaboration, communication and creativity to bring their ideas to life.

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