Lower School: Kindergarten - Grade 4

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Our school’s greatest strengths are the students, faculty, program and size. Our students are curious, lively, energetic, verbal and self-confident. Canterbury teachers are noted for their knowledge, their intellectual vitality, and their concern for students.

The academic program includes courses, materials and experiences intended to instruct, stimulate and challenge. The core academics program includes language, mathematics, science, social studies. The addition of arts, foreign languages and specials classes rounds out the curriculum.

Because Canterbury is small, each child can participate in diverse programs, have the opportunity to assume responsibility, experience leadership, be heard, be hugged and make a difference. Children in Kindergarten-Grade 4 are offered the excitement and challenge of new ideas while being guided in the mastery of basic skills.

Small classes allow each child to receive individual attention, to experience academic success, to grow socially and morally and to assume leadership and responsibility in the classroom.

A warm and nurturing family atmosphere permeates our Lower School and enhances the growth of the whole child.