A Canterbury education is a foundation and a springboard. It offers a blend of traditional and innovative teaching and individual and group learning. The curriculum is uniquely designed to draw the best from current research and faculty collaboration, and is carefully developed to ensure a smooth progression from Early Childhood through graduation.



    Students in grades 5-8 receiving no effort mark below 4 are granted distinction. Effort grades are given for each course with a rating of 5 being the highest. Following are the 1st quarter Distinction Lists:

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Canterbury School strives to provide a thorough preparation in the primary disciplines, to promote intellectual curiosity, to encourage students to develop their potential through participation in the full range of school activities, and to create in them an awareness of the standards, obligations and enduring values of life.

"Strength of confidence seems to come with the growth of knowledge that we receive at Canterbury."

- A Canterbury Sophomore

Integral to the learning process is our 99 teaching faculty. They show extraordinary enthusiasm and passion for teaching students and for their subject matter. They are dedicated to providing a challenging educational program based on a strong college preparatory curriculum.

Inspiring each student to reach his or her full potential is a goal we take very seriously. The teachers have a solid belief in each student's power to learn and succeed.

Please visit Early Childhood, Lower School, Middle School and High School. These pages provide an introduction to our curriculum and will guide you to each division's homepage.