May Term

In the spring of 1992, Canterbury inaugurated a May Term program for its High School students. May Term runs the last three weeks of the school year and consists of two parts: an off-campus component for seniors and an on-campus component for freshmen, sophomores and juniors.


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The off-campus portions of the program are designed for senior internships with professionals, artists, business people and community leaders. The seniors receive written evaluations from their assigned mentors, maintain daily journals and give final reports to their supervising faculty members. Several seniors have procured summer jobs as a direct result of their internships and many have gone on to major in a related field.


Where can you take a course on fencing or a mind puzzling class in solving Rubik’s Cube? Canterbury students have more than 60 options of courses to choose from each May.

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Freshmen, sophomores and juniors are released from some of their core courses to select other mini-courses. These courses allow an in-depth exploration of specific areas and subjects traditional scheduling does not permit. Not all May Term courses are academic in nature. Some are nonacademic, enriching experiences outside of traditional coursework.

Various independent high schools and colleges throughout the country use the May Term successfully. The May Term provides students with yet another opportunity to grow and learn in a nontraditional, yet structured, manner. It is an exciting way to end the school year, both for students and faculty.

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