High School: Grades 9-12

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A challenging, exciting academic curriculum prepares students for success – in college and in life. Our curriculum is enhanced by an emphasis on the moral and spiritual development of students to foster in them an awareness of enduring values. A diverse and dynamic extracurricular and social environment rounds out High School campus life.

The primary goal of Canterbury High School is preparation for secondary education, recognizing this as the next important step in lifelong education. While the major themes of earlier years at Canterbury are continued, students are encouraged to develop a greater sense of responsibility and independence in confronting both academic challenges and moral decisions.

A rigorous curriculum offers students the opportunity to receive college credit through Advanced Placement examinations. Athletics, the arts and extracurricular programs stress participation, allowing all students to discover and develop special interests and talents for lifelong enjoyment. Finally, crucial ethical questions are raised in an environment both committed to and supported by the principles of the Christian faith.