Independent Projects

It is a lot of work, but juniors will tell you that having an independent project as part of your portfolio makes an impact in the college admission process. They will also tell you how much they grew from the experience.

The goal of the Independent Project is to encourage motivated students to pursue an area of study in depth. The end-result is a research paper and a presentation. The students must demonstrate their acquired knowledge and/or skills before a group of experts from the school and the community.

The research component is comprised of scholarly work on the part of the student and independent work that the student can pursue during free time. At a minimum, students complete a scholarly essay and an annotated bibliography. Each student is paired with a faculty mentor throughout this year-long process.


Nikhil Aggarwal

Ponzi Schemes Throughout History: Highlighting the World’s Most Devastating Schemes and Addressing SEC Rules and Regulations

Haseeb Akbar

The Mers Virus from all Angles

Rebecca Alifimoff

Girl Talk: The History of Policing Female Voices and the Cultural Impact of the Women’s Fiction Section

Austin Ash

The Importance of Exclusivity in the Exotic Car Market and its Effect on Resale Values

Hannah Babcock

The American Justice System

Feranmi Balogun

The Social Media Epidemic

Nicole Baumgartner

The Differences in Methods, Reactions, and Effects of Bullying between Males and Females

Sabrina Beaver

Food for Thought: An Analysis of the Relationship between Regional Eating Habits and Noncommunicable Disease

Harsha Chilakamarri

The Efficacy of Bacteriophage Therapy in Anti-biotic Resistant Strains of Echerichia coli, Pseudomonas Aeroginosa, and Staphylococcus Aureus

Boyang Dun

Harnessing the Prokaryotic CRISPR/Cas Foreign DNA Defense System for Antiviral Therapy in Canine Fibroblast Tumor Cells

Kreigh Elzey

The Beneficial Implications of a Whole Food Plant-Based Diet on Health and Incidence and Reversal of Chronic Disease

Stephanie Gall

First Person Shooter

Jamison Kline

Asthma: Result of Dysregulated Human Immune Systems due to Decreased Prevalence of Parasitic Infections in Increasingly Sanitary Societies

Davis Lamm

Long-term Consequences of the New Deal Agricultural Policies

Victor Pan

A Study on Maximum Principle of High Order Derivatives

Zoe Parker

Art Therapy: A Discussion of the Validity of Analyzing Children’s Drawings for Diagnostic and Recovery Purposes

Allison Perry

Favipiravir is Ideal for the Eradication of Ebola

Aashka Piprottar

Environmental Sustainability in the Hospitality Industry

Sabrina Richert

How did the Wool Trade - or the Lincoln Longwool B reed - affect Medieval England?

Caroline Tsai

Gender Roles in Harry Potter

Ava Vanhelfteren

The Destructive Journey of a Global Serial Killer Against Medical Resistance: An Inspection of the HIV/AIDS Pandemic and the Race to Vaccine Efficacy

Kathryn White

Danger in Amazonia: the Effects of Deforestation on the Forest and its Peoples

Jack Wojewuczki

Social, Economic and Political Effects of Colonialism in East Africa

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