Every Student an Athlete

We believe in the benefits of fitness as well as a commitment to forming healthy habits that last a life time. The best time to instill these ideals is while we are young.

The majority of our High School students participates in at least one sport each year and the school offers physical education courses. Canterbury has developed the "Every Student an Athlete" program, which gives High School students alternative opportunities for fitness without joining an organized sport. Through the program, students can also earn recognition for their accomplishments. Additionally, students have access to a wide-range of nutritional information and health topics.

Each semester, faculty offer multiple fitness activities and classes at the school, making it convenient for students to work out. They may use the weight room, walking paths, or athletics fields and facilities as part of the activity. Cardio and strength training, kayaking, fitness walking, cycling, fencing, yoga, and agility training are just a few of the courses available to students.

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