Early Childhood

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A child's personal development is as important as his or her academic progress. At Canterbury children meet the challenge of new ideas and are guided in the mastery of basic skills. Active exploration of the environment and discovery using the senses lead children to learn about the world around them. There is an emphasis on strengthening children's self-identity and fostering group interaction while supplying a firm academic foundation.

Canterbury offers four levels of Early Childhood instruction for children ages 2 to 5:

  • Canterbury Kids (age 2)
  • Cavaliers (age 3)
  • Junior Kindergarten (age 4)
  • Kindergarten Prep (age 5)

Our curriculum builds on skills and concepts learned in the previous class and prepares each child for the next level.

Small class sizes allow teachers to maximize personal attention. The faculty and teaching assistants are committed to encouraging children to advance as far as their maturity, interest and ability permit, as well as to creating a warm environment where each child feels safe and confident while discovering the unknown.

The Early Childhood program provides stimulating experiences in language, French, literature, music, art, drama, science, math and social studies, as well as opportunities for growth in fine and large motor skills. Children are encouraged to expand their language skills, to develop curiosity and creativity and to solve problems effectively. These experiences help children gain self-confidence, self-control and independence.