Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Are there options for my child before and after school?

A. Extended Care for Early childhood students is offered the days they attend school. Extended Day is dedicated to provide a safe and accepting environment where children can learn, grow, experience and play. Programming is available during the before and after school hours and are offered on an as-need basis. There is an additional charge for these services. For a description click on the Extended Care Program link to the left.

Q. Is there a dress code for my Early Childhood student?

A. There is a uniform dress code for the Kindergarten Prep class. All other classes wear comfortable play clothes.

Q. Are 2-year-olds expected to be potty trained?

A. No. During the Canterbury Kids year (2-year-olds turning 3) students typically are somewhere in the potty training process. There is a child-size potty in the classroom making access for the child quite easy during this process.

Q. Is there transportation provided by Canterbury for my Early Childhood student?

A. Starting with Junior Kindergarten, bus service is an option. This is handled on an individual basis. Parents will work with the Early Childhood director and transportation director to make the necessary arrangements.

Q. What are "specials?"

A. Specials are classes held outside of the Early Childhood classroom during class time. The Canterbury Kids, starting in January, go to library weekly and have gymnastics two times a month. The rest of the Early Childhood students, starting in October, have library weekly, French/music weekly and gymnastics two times a month.

Q. What is my role as a parent of an Early Childhood student

A. Parents are welcomed and encouraged to volunteer at Canterbury School. Parent volunteers help in the classroom, at carpool, accompany students on field trips, help in the library and a wide variety of special events sponsored by the Parent Association.

Q. What type of physical activity will my child participate?

A. Physical activity and the development of physical skills play an integral part in the Early Childhood curriculum. Children participate in recess, gymnastics, nature hikes and indoor activities in the gym and Upper Room (large motor room for Early Childhood students).

Q. Do the Early Childhood students go on field trips?

A. Yes. Canterbury School has school buses that transport students and parents on a variety of "field studies" at all levels. Field studies are planned as an enrichment piece to the thematic units in the classroom.

Q. Is there any type of evaluation or testing for my Early Childhood student?

A. There is no testing for Early Childhood. Assessments begin as the child enters Kindergarten.

Q. Do Early Childhood teachers have a four-year degree?

A. The faculty is highly qualified with a bachelor’s degree or higher with special training in art, early childhood, music and elementary education. Yearly professional development is expected to keep informed and on the cutting edge of educational practices.

Q. What if my child has allergies or food restrictions?

A. Many of our students have food issues, and this information is clearly communicated to the teacher as well as the Extended Care staff. The Early Childhood division has a peanut-free policy in the classrooms and the Clubhouse.

Q. Is there a nurse on staff?

A. Yes. Canterbury School has a registered nurse on staff from 8:15 a.m. to 2:45 p.m.

Q. What policies do you have in place for my child’s safety?

A. Canterbury is a community where everyone knows your name. All entrances are locked except for the entrance to the front office. All other doors have a code system. Afternoon carpool is run by our faculty. Carpool numbers are issued, and no child is released to a car that is not displaying that number.

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