Academic Departments

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Canterbury graduates have consistently stated that they enter college far better prepared than their classmates, not only in their academic skills, but also in their attitudes and dispositions towards learning.

The academic commitments of a school's mission and philosophy are primarily addressed and fulfilled through its classroom curriculum. Canterbury School strives to provide a college preparatory curriculum that balances a rigorous academic program with opportunities for creativity, curiosity and critical thinking to flourish. To achieve the full benefits of an Early Childhood through Grade 12 experience, the curriculum has been carefully articulated to achieve both vertical (from one grade to the next) and horizontal (across subjects with a given grade) coordination, with particular attention paid to the challenges of moving from one division to the next. 

The design of Canterbury's curriculum recognizes an important balance of three major elements: appropriateness of material for children of a given age; recognition of the ability level of our students; and a commitment to our mission of preparing students for college. As such, the curriculum incorporates attention to both the process and the product of learning.