Reading and Writing at Canterbury

Reading and Writing at Canterbury was the special focus of this year's Laughing Cavalier fundraiser. Please watch the video above that was unveiled at the Laughing Cavalier. Even though the event is over, you still have the opportunity to designate a donation for this special focus. Proceeds will be directed to enhance Canterbury's work in our English and Language Arts disciplines and will promote faculty professional development across all four school divisions.

Click here to donate securely online to Reading and Writing at Canterbury.

 When students have the chance to meet an author or poet, a special connection is made. They are energized with a new appreciation for reading. When teachers spend a day at school with a national expert on writing or literature, they practice new techniques and hone new skills.

We are asking for your support to bring resources to our school to help us to continue inspiring and directing our English and language arts students and faculty.

This year's Special Focus - Reading and Writing at Canterbury - is at the heart of a Canterbury education. From a student's beginning years in Early Childhood and Lower School, literacy initiatives build a habit and a love for reading and writing.  Middle School students embrace independent reading and learn the art of constructing reasoned essays. High School students sharpen their skills with creative writing, literary analysis and research projects.

Our English and language arts efforts are directed toward creating students with a lifelong appreciation for the value of reading and confidence in their ability to communicate effectively.

Thank you for your support.