Welcome to Canterbury's Web site, an extension of our school community, and a great place to start exploring. While many families and students have told me that no amount of good information could have adequately conveyed to them the atmosphere of a day at school, I hope the pages and links on this site will give you a taste of our mission, goals and life at Canterbury, and that soon you will join us for a visit.

Certainly our primary emphasis is on the classroom: a great teacher, a challenging curriculum, a vibrant sense of curiosity and creativity at work. Small classes are designed to motivate, to engage and to support students of all ages. Learning is both active and interactive, teaching both traditional and innovative. Such is the stuff of essential preparation for college, and for the life of the mind beyond school. 

Yet learning also occurs beyond the classroom, and Canterbury students are very busy people. They are athletes and actors and artists; they are taught to be leaders in their communities as well as servants; they learn to be responsible, to be respectful and to be caring. This is a community that works and works together.

The fabric of our school is ultimately woven from the expectations we set, the values we cherish. Yet the texture and color of our life together emerge as relationships are built, friendships are made and commitments are established. These will be qualities that sustain Canterbury students as they move on to college experiences and to productive and fulfilling lives. These are the qualities that we would like to share with you both in this Web site and in your visit to Canterbury.

Best wishes,

Jonathan Hancock

Jonathan Hancock