Posted December 12, 2014


    The first issue of The Gavel is now out for the 2014-2015 school year. The Gavel is Canterbury’s first e-zine, produced by Middle School students, under the direction of Tina Pulse, English teacher. This format is a unique way for the students to write and experience the news. It has the potential to have embedded video of sports highlights, live links and sound. There are two videos embedded in this issue.

    The Gavel existed as a Canterbury Middle School newspaper several years ago, and Ms. Pulse, a Canterbury alum, was excited to bring an old classic back with modern technological flare. "Essentially, this publication is a writing lab for students - an out-of-class writing experience that relies on motivation, creativity and collaboration in order to thrive. There are many students who are eager to capture the current events of our campus in this paperless and dynamic format," she said.

    As the process unfolded last year, anything and everything was a potential writing topic. The students chose the columns and spotlights. A new facet to the publication is that it now has elected Grade 8 leadership roles. These roles encompass creative direction and editing to bring forth a more authentic and student centered product.

    In this issue of the Gavel all MS grade levels are represented in the growing staff. "We have yet another vibrant and energetic group of students who are participating this academic year," said Ms. Pulse. "I feel privileged to watch their impressive motivation to notice, capture and write about the happenings in our community."

    This issue features CHAMPS - a debut year for the House system at the Middle School. Also, there are student perspective articles about cafeteria moments, game day interviews, and the annual canned food drive.

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    Posted December 12, 2014

    Seventeen Canterbury students will receive awards Saturday, December 13, at 11 a.m. at the Allen County Public Library for their poems on the topic "Imagine That."

    Kindergarten Awards
    Rohan Khatri, 1st place; Nadia Cowan, 2nd place; Braylon Maxey, 3rd place; Will Damen, honorable mention.

    Grade 1 Awards
    Kate Laurie, 1st place; Alana Craig, honorable mention.

    Grade 2 Awards
    Zayna Javed, 3rd place; Sarah Krabach, honorable mention.

    Grade 3 Award
    Hannah Hadland, 2nd place.

    Grade 4 Award
    Hannah Durnell, 1st place.

    Grade 5 Award
    Casey Bechert, 2nd place.

    Grade 6 Awards
    Emma Najdeski, 3rd place; Carter Graefnitz, honorable mention.

    Grade 7 Award
    Sophia Shoppell, honorable mention.

    Grade 8 Awards
    Elizabeth Lombard, 2nd place; Liam Ward, 2nd place; Noel DenHouter, honorable mention.


    Posted December 12, 2014

    Congratulations to all who participated in the Canterbury Middle School Spelling Bee. Hiba Akbar, Grade 8, is the Canterbury Middle School winner. Nisha Jude-Karanam, Grade 7, is the school runner-up. Hiba’s last round spelling word was "harbinger." She then spelled "chintzy" to win the championship.

    Hiba will represent Canterbury Middle School in the Allen County Spelling Bee. This competition will be held at IPFW's Rhinehart Music Center in the Auer Auditorium Wednesday, February 11, 2015. The event is open to the public.

    Grade Level Winners

    Grade 5
    1st - Lucas Valcarcel; 2nd - Jessica Zhou; 3rd - Emma Hildreth

    Grade 6
    1st - Miles Warshauer; 2nd - Natalie Dresdow; 3rd - Carson Tanner

    Grade 7
    1st - Nisha Jude-Karanam; 2nd - Aiden Eastom; 3rd - Ally Krotov

    Grade 8
    1st - Hiba Akbar; 2nd - Esha Dhawan; 3rd - Whitney Walker