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    Vote for the CANterbury VolCANo at CANstruction

    The High School Projects in Engineering class spent the day building a volcano out of canned beans and potatoes. The hot lava running down one side is canned ravioli. The beach surrounding the volcano is made of bags of brown rice. Manwich tree trunks support lime Kool-aid palm fronds. And everything is surrounded by wavy water made of...bottled water. The volcano also erupts steam every few minutes, thanks to a machine hidden in its crater. The volCANo, which is part of the annual CANstruction competition, now must stand the test of time. Literally, it has to prove it is structurally sound by not collapsing overnight. While it takes a day to build the structure, the students spent weeks planning their design in class.

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    Where in the World is the Cavalier?

    Have you designed your mini Cavalier yet? Check in the most recent issue of Canterbury Today for the template to put the Cavalier together. Take a photo of the mini Cavalier somewhere in the world or at Canterbury. Email the photo to the school with your name, how you are affiliated with Canterbury and where the photo was taken to inbox@canterburyschool.org. Mini Cavalier photos are due April 17.

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    Over and over we hear from alumni that the heavy emphasis on writing at Canterbury in the high school years more than prepared them for writing in college. But an emphasis on writing is not just in the High School. It also exists in the Lower School and Middle School, where teachers work with their students to lay the foundation and prepare them for Canterbury's High School writing curriculum. The annual Lower School Writers' Conference is just one way the teachers work with students on their creative thinking and writing skills. "The Writers' Conference gives students the opportunity to showcase the stories they have worked so hard to write. It is a chance to put all the skills they've practiced during the school year into a finished product," said Mrs. Corson, Grade 1 teacher. Each child in Lower School writes a story in his or her classroom. The students also have the chance to write an independent story at home. The finished stories are read by judges who choose two winners from each classroom, two independent winners from each grade level, as well as winners from stories written in special area classrooms, such as the Lower School Library. The top award is given to a third or fourth grader that writes a longer story, or short chapter book. This is the Hamlin Award, given in honor of Nancy Hamlin, (a beloved former second grade teacher). The judges are looking for stories that include good content, interesting characters, correct conventions and are creative. All winning stories are included in The Pencil Box, a school publication. Click on the Read More link for the Lower School Writers' Conference awards list.

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Upcoming Events

Monday April 27

Big Dig Drop Off

Middle School Gym 8:00am - 5:00pm Thru: 4/30/2015
Tuesday April 28

Lower School ERB Testing

Pork Tenderloin Sandwich, Banana, Fresh Veggies, Chips


Any School Office 12:00pm


MS Ash Commons 2:30pm - 3:30pm

Baseball Boys (Varsity) vs. Lakewood Park Chr


Softball Girls (Varsity) at Fort Wayne Wayne High School


Tennis Girls (Varsity) at Marion High School


Tennis Girls (Junior Varsity) at Marion High School

Wednesday April 29

Lower School ERB Testing

Soft Taco, Black Beans and Corn, Grapes, Yogurt

High School Cum Laude Society Breakfast and Induction

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